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Are you dismayed by the amount of illegal hunting on land and in the oceans? Does it frustrate you that even though hundreds of thousands of activists have spoken out against the inhuman practice of whaling, countries such as Japan, Norway, and Iceland refuse to end their operations?

If so, you’re going to be ecstatic to learn that one activist organization is not only combatting the practice, it’s also winning.

After a series of intense marine anti-poaching operations that began in 2014 entitled “Operation Icefish,” Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced that it has been successful in shutting down illegal fishing in Antarctica. It hasn’t been an easy feat, however. The team had to track down and destroy a group of illegal ships, including the “Bandit Six,” which have been able to evade increased fishing restrictions or law enforcement for the past ten years.

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Sea Shepherd’s hunting of poaching vessels in the remote Southern Ocean is not as well known as its efforts to stop Japanese whale hunters, health but for one species it’s a lifesaver.

The deep-sea-dwelling Patagonian toothfish that inhabits the region has been a lucrative target for illegal fishing. Six vessels, viagra sale which Sea Shepherd has dubbed the Bandit 6, vcialis 40mg have been raking in big bucks skirting international fishing regulations. The ships are capable of catching more than $1 million worth of toothfish—popularly known as Chilean sea bass—before returning to port.

The boats have operated mostly unencumbered in the remote expanse of the Southern Ocean, often avoiding capture by flying under “flags of convenience” that hide the vessel’s ownership and make prosecution difficult. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources has put the ships on its blacklist.

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Photo: Production still from “Nuclear Sharks.” Credit: Photo taken by Johnny Friday, courtesy of Patric Douglas

Reef sharks are being illegally fished out of one of the world’s largest shark “sanctuaries,” according to environmentalist Philippe Cousteau and colleagues who made the discovery while filming the documentary “Nuclear Sharks” at the Marshall Islands National Shark Sanctuary.

When the 768,547-square-mile sanctuary was established five years ago in the central Pacific, conservation groups unanimously praised its formation, but the new evidence suggests that laws banning commercial fishing of sharks within the sanctuary are not being enforced.

“The system is broken and illegal fisheries are laughing all the way to the bank,” Patric Douglas, executive producer of “Nuclear Sharks, told Discovery News.

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Chinese fishing vessels operate illegally off the coast of Guinea, depleting its fish population and destroying marine life. Despite the economic and social consequences of illegal fishing, the Guinean government has failed to police its waters because it doesn’t have money to operate surveillance equipment, as the BBC’s Tamasin Ford reports.

Abdoulaye Soumah looks out to sea as fishermen bring in the day’s catch. Their brightly coloured traditional wooden boats glide into Bonfi port in Conakry, Guinea’s capital, where men wait to load the fish into baskets.

“We used to get between $700 (£540) and $1,400 worth of fish a day,” says the 32-year-old fisherman.

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Officials from 24 African countries met in Cameroon last month and called for China to stop illegal fishing off the West African coast. In some areas, decease Chinese fishermen have pushed their local counterparts back to shore, sildenafil depriving them of their jobs and livelihoods.

Former fisherman Bisso Frederick, adiposity 32, now sells sandwiches in the Cameroonian town of Limbe, on the West African coast. He says he and his colleagues were forced to abandon their jobs three years ago.

Bisso says they have lost their jobs to Chinese fishermen who have taken over all fishing areas. He says they are very worried the government of Cameroon has allowed foreigners to do little jobs Cameroonians should have been doing.

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Divers exploring the waters off Costa Rica recently had an extraordinary encounter with one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures, who, in the throes of a life-threatening predicament, approached them as if to ask for their help.

The group was partway through their dive when an enormous manta ray appeared in the distance, swimming in their direction. As the animal got closer, the divers noticed that she was entangled in rope from a fishing net which was cutting into her flesh.

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Free fishing and camping

Oregon’s outdoors will be at its most economical this coming weekend, June 4 and 5, when fishing and camping won’t require donating a cent to state coffers.

The two-day event includes Free Fishing Weekend, when anglers won’t need a fishing license, tag and endorsement to drop a line in Oregon waters. To ensure there’s something to catch, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is stocking more than 185,000 trout at 80 locations around the state.

“It’s a great opportunity for families to get out and enjoy a day or two of fishing,” said Rick Hargrave, administrator of ODFW’s Information & Education Division. “Lakes and ponds are fully stocked and a number of rivers are open.”

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Ice Fishing Tips

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. While the cold weather hasn’t come quite yet, pilule it’ll be here before we know it. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ice fishing tips for the beginner. Nebraska is full of winter activities and winter camping can be a wonderful experience. By following these ice fishing tips, you’ll be able to incorporate ice fishing as part of your winter camping experience. Our ice fishing tips will help those would-be ice anglers get started in the sport without investing a tremendous amount of money on their next winter camping adventure.
Ice Fishing Mindset
First, it’s important to understand why people ice fish. There are a number of reasons why people enjoy ice fishing and, like many activities, they vary from person to person. This ice fishing tip explains why. The primary reason many people enjoy ice fishing, whether they’re on a winter camping trip or not, is because winter is the best time to target a certain species of fish.

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Old Mill Pond officially open for fishing

After 18 months, order an area known locally as the Old Mill Pond officially has opened as the Kid’s Fishing Pond below the Stockton Dam.
Rod Hendricks, operations project manager of
Stockton Lake Office, said the Stockton Lake Office received a $30,000 handshake grant from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
“The Stockton area was lucky enough to receive two of these grants for which corps agencies throughout the country compete. We received a grant to build the trail between Crab Tree Cove and the east overlook and the kid’s fishing area,” Hendricks said.

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Detroit Residents Turn Giant Street Hole into Fishing Pond

It’s only about four feet wide and 15 feet long, prostate but residents of one Detroit neighborhood say it’s now their newest fishing pond.

A giant hole on Hull Street in the city’s East Side has been around for about four years now. It was apparently part of a construction project that was later abandoned. Angry over the lack of response from local officials, look residents decided to protest the hole’s existence by releasing fish into it earlier this summer.


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