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Pond stocked for Thanksgiving fishing

SAN ANTONIO – A few committed anglers gathered on the shores of South Side Lions Park, anxious to hook a rainbow trout or two.

Three tanks of fish were placed in the lake Wednesday morning, thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The fish are part of the department’s urban fishing program aimed at getting people interested in fishing and other outdoor activities.

It’s a stocking project that occurs several times a year at small lakes, ponds and rivers in cities across the state.


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Massachusetts Fishing Report

For many, generic it’s time to reset the default passion to striped bass…because they’re here! If you can refrain just a bit from obsessing exclusively over things with seven stripes, shop the harbor is registering upper 40-degree water temperatures, pilule and not surprisingly the flounder are beginning to cooperate. It is still April however, which traditionally for New Englanders means trout, and there’s news of far more than just stockies.

It’s not every year that we are inundated with schoolies in April, but this is one of those rare years. A pal and I were talking about “non-winters” such as this past one and what our experiences were in that era. Prior to the river herring moratorium, we almost never fished in rivers and estuaries and instead topped off our “baitwells on wheels” with herring and stormed the beaches. River herring were like heat-seeking missiles for all things striper and a slam-dunk indicator whether fish were there or not. And more often than not, our first fish were not schoolies but pretty substantial fish: 15- to 20-pounders, and we caught as early as May 4! The last time I checked, that date’s coming up next week!

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Pond Fishing Tips

I fish and guide on big lakes, sale but I’ll be honest on weekends I am not a fan of fighting boat traffic, tripping over other fisherman or dodging jet skis. My answer is to find and fish small ponds. Whether you are exploring the shoreline by foot or dropping in a kayak, ponds are a great way to escape the crowds. I believe pond fishing is some of the most fun you can have. It’s inexpensive, fun, not hard to do and accessible to folks of all income levels.

A word of advice that I cannot impress strong enough, if it is on private property ask for permission, or if you are parking alongside the road, park with care and keep safety in mind. Never, ever leave trash, always pick up after yourself.

To make your pond fishing experience more enjoyable and more productive her are a few tips:

Don’t overcomplicate things

Keep everything simple without having to spend a lot of money. I like to take at most, 3 rods; one rod rigged to cover the top (top water lures, buzz baits etc.) , a rod to cover the middle of the water column ( spinnerbaits, weightless worm, small crank baits) and a rod for the bottom of the water column ( jigs, Texas rigged worms or creature baits).

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Stay Happy and Healthy: Go Fishing

Fishing is a rewarding sport that can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. It is also a wonderful and often overlooked way for anyone to burn calories while having fun in the outdoors. Many people assume fishing just means sitting around in a boat or on the bank waiting for a bobber to go under, buy cialis but it can be so much more than that. In reality, there are many types of fishing that challenge you both physically and mentally. From stalking rising trout while wading in a mountain stream to kayaking on the open ocean while trolling for yellow fin tuna, there is a type of fishing that will keep your mind and body engaged no matter your interest or experience level. If you are looking for a way to de-stress, stay fit, and enjoy being outside, fishing might just be for you.

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Picture something adorable: a little girl in ladybug rain boots, viagra a life vest, link a big bow on top of her head, cheap and a Barbie fishing pole, fishing with her daddy. Now, picture her catching a FIVE-POUND BASS with said Barbie fishing pole. You’re picturing reality, my friend, because the world is a wonderful place.

Little Avery was on a fishing trip with her dad on the lake when there was a tug on her little pink fishing rod. With her dad in the background filming it all and cheering her on — she started to reel that sucker in.

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Visibly straining as he holds it aloft, cheap a Japanese fisherman grimaces as he proudly displays a terrifyingly large fish caught in the waters off Japan.

With a gaping mouth large enough to swallow a small child, this creature – believed to be a wolffish – would not look out of place in a science fiction film.

The massive catch was reeled in by Hirasaka Hiroshi, a fisherman who has made a career of landing and then eating unusual fish


There are some absolutely terrifying things that can be found underwater, medications however some things are absolutely breathtaking in their beauty! I love underwater photography that captures the beauty of what lies beneath the surface of the water.  The images that photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser captured are stunning and mysterious. He is able to get amazing images of sea life that are crystal clear and his use of light is simply amazing. Although I would be afraid of most of the animals that he swims with, symptoms his photography makes me want to see for myself the grace and majesty of the animals for myself.



He won’t believe what he saw after two years moving his fish tank.


There are so many incredible, for sale beautiful and dangerous animals that are found in the waters taking up so much of our world that we know very little about.  I believe that is why it always gets our attention when one of these little known animals are caught on video.

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Ambushed! Japanese pygmy squid have been filmed releasing ink when hunting shrimp – using it both as a smokescreen and distraction.

“This is the first report that cephalopods use ink for predation, price ” says Noriyosi Sato of Aberystwyth University, troche UK.

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