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SICK of coming home empty handed? Check out the five tips below and find your fishing mojo.

1) Pay attention to tides

Most people schedule their fishing times around work and home duties. Fish don’t work like that! Tides play an important role in fish behaviour and more you understand how each tide affects your target species, the more fish you’ll catch. Some fish prefer a change of the tide, others need a run-in, or run-out, depending on the location.

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Drop a Dropper

When jigging, discount tie on a salt-water fly or soft plastic bait above the jig, look using a dropper loop. Some theorise that fish are competitive and the jig looks like a fish chasing a smaller bait fish and dart in to steal the food.

How to fix knot problems

Tying good knots is a skill all fishermen must master if they are to be successful in catching fish. Two factors are important in tying good secure knots. The first is practice, and plenty of it. The second is having a good knot guide or book to teach how to tie the various knots needed when fishing. read more…

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Fishing in streams and rivers means you’re dealing with moving water, and that’s different from more stationary waters found in lakes or ponds. River fishing and stream fishing means knowing where the water is moving, and how fish behave in it.

River fish find hiding places and travel anywhere from a few feet to up to several hundred feet, several times a day to eat. When stream or river fishing you have to decide if you’re going to fish where the fish are hiding or where the fish are feeding. Either way, you’ll have to understand how river fish feed and hide.

River fish hide in undercuts in the banks, eddies, sunken trees and overhanging trees and bushes. Places that provide protection from the current and above-water predators….read more



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