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Think you have some of these? If so, you could be in for a pay day.

If you fish, chances are, you have a tackle box full of old fishing lures sitting in your garage. Back in the day, a lot of lures were mass-produced and have almost no value today. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough, if you’re lucky enough. What makes looking for old fishing lure so fun is that you never know when one might pop up when you least expect it. After seeing these nine lures below, you may want to go check the garage.

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Pond Fishing Tips

I fish and guide on big lakes, sale but I’ll be honest on weekends I am not a fan of fighting boat traffic, tripping over other fisherman or dodging jet skis. My answer is to find and fish small ponds. Whether you are exploring the shoreline by foot or dropping in a kayak, ponds are a great way to escape the crowds. I believe pond fishing is some of the most fun you can have. It’s inexpensive, fun, not hard to do and accessible to folks of all income levels.

A word of advice that I cannot impress strong enough, if it is on private property ask for permission, or if you are parking alongside the road, park with care and keep safety in mind. Never, ever leave trash, always pick up after yourself.

To make your pond fishing experience more enjoyable and more productive her are a few tips:

Don’t overcomplicate things

Keep everything simple without having to spend a lot of money. I like to take at most, 3 rods; one rod rigged to cover the top (top water lures, buzz baits etc.) , a rod to cover the middle of the water column ( spinnerbaits, weightless worm, small crank baits) and a rod for the bottom of the water column ( jigs, Texas rigged worms or creature baits).

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After hearing reports of California fishermen catching full-size tuna on 15.3-ounce Daiwa Lexa 400HS bait casters, viagra sale I had to sit back and reconsider how I classify reels. The Lexa 400HS is built to be resilient for tarpon and striper fishermen, unhealthy but the real kicker is that it handles 200 yards of 80-pound braid and produces 25 pounds of drag.


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What if the mans best friend is a fish.This Video shows how fish fetch like a dog.

2 Capture

Now a days we had a new technology for fishing. But in Maldives fisherman practice old techniques such as pole and line in catching Skipjack tuna.


Sometimes, pharmacy just one fish can put you on top of the world. Nowhere does this ring truer than on the kingfish-­tournament circuit. In these events, troche each team is allowed to weigh in only one king mackerel per day of competition. And so, physician it’s the ­spectacular 50- to 60-pounders known as smokers that earn the impressive jackpots, garish trophies and the singular glory that comes with winning.

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Skin cancer is bad.  Getting sunburn increases your chances of getting skin cancer.  Here are…

13 Ways to Avoid Sunburn

  1. Wear a wide brimmed hat.  They keep the sun off your neck and ears.
  2. Wear a long sleeved shirt. It’s the easiest way to keep the sun off your arms, and and there are plenty of options that are plenty cool.

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The real name of the Fisherman’s knot is the Improved Clinch knot. But way back when, many people called it the Fisherman’s knot because every angler knew how to tie it, and it was often the first knot they learned to attach a fishing line to a hook.

Knot-tying instructions use a few standard terms. These terms are pretty self-explanatory, but just to make sure the instructions are clear, here they are:

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This website is filled with numerous articles written about tips and advice, site but I think it is also important to express the things that you should never do while fishing. I hope this article helps to educate the next generation of fishermen to have good fishing etiquette. It upsets me to see fishermen that have no respect for nature and are just oblivious to the impact of their negative actions. Below are some golden rules to be a courteous and respectful fisherman.

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