Lake Palestine will serve as the site for a Texas High School Bass Association East Division fishing tournament on Saturday. This body of water will be fished twice during the regular-season slate.

BULLARD — High school bass fishing is growing in popularity, and you don’t have to leave the Trinity Valley to experience the growth.

Palestine, Oakwood and Elkhart are among the new high schools that have fielded fishing teams this season.

All three schools will join Frankston at the Texas High School Bass Association East Division tournament set for Saturday at Lake Palestine.

 The first cast is set for 6:45 a.m., and Bullard High School is serving as the tournament host.

“It has blown up,” said current Frankston team advisor Ryan McCoy. “Frankston started it four years ago. We had an average of 80 teams per tournament, but now it’s up to 200 two-man teams. That’s 400 student anglers.”



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