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european fishing

Fishing activities involving pelagic trawling and static net fisheries may be incidentally killing more common dolphins than their populations can sustain in European waters. Despite being shocking, treat this is not new news. From data collected in 2014, ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) reports that bycatch of cetaceans has been observed in other gears that have not been subjected to regular monitoring (including bottom trawls, also known to catch common dolphins). Purse-seine nets may be accidentally catching more critically endangered Balearic shearwaters than the population can cope with.


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free fishing day

CONCORD, N.H. – Take advantage of New Hampshire’s Free Fishing Day, coming Saturday, June 4, 2016. On Free Fishing Day, you can fish anywhere in New Hampshire – freshwater or saltwater – without a fishing license. Plan to get out and enjoy the day fishing with your family and friends. Both state residents and nonresidents may participate. All other fishing regulations must be followed, including season dates and bag limits.


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What if the mans best friend is a fish.This Video shows how fish fetch like a dog.

2 Capture

Now a days we had a new technology for fishing. But in Maldives fisherman practice old techniques such as pole and line in catching Skipjack tuna.


Sometimes, pharmacy just one fish can put you on top of the world. Nowhere does this ring truer than on the kingfish-­tournament circuit. In these events, troche each team is allowed to weigh in only one king mackerel per day of competition. And so, physician it’s the ­spectacular 50- to 60-pounders known as smokers that earn the impressive jackpots, garish trophies and the singular glory that comes with winning.

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Photo By: Ian Cornelius

This photo was taken from small Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. Ian Cornelius of Castro Valley, find Calif. caught  an 16 pound bass. And one of the largest catch since he started fishing over the decades.

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Skin cancer is bad.  Getting sunburn increases your chances of getting skin cancer.  Here are…

13 Ways to Avoid Sunburn

  1. Wear a wide brimmed hat.  They keep the sun off your neck and ears.
  2. Wear a long sleeved shirt. It’s the easiest way to keep the sun off your arms, and and there are plenty of options that are plenty cool.

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The real name of the Fisherman’s knot is the Improved Clinch knot. But way back when, many people called it the Fisherman’s knot because every angler knew how to tie it, and it was often the first knot they learned to attach a fishing line to a hook.

Knot-tying instructions use a few standard terms. These terms are pretty self-explanatory, but just to make sure the instructions are clear, here they are:

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This website is filled with numerous articles written about tips and advice, site but I think it is also important to express the things that you should never do while fishing. I hope this article helps to educate the next generation of fishermen to have good fishing etiquette. It upsets me to see fishermen that have no respect for nature and are just oblivious to the impact of their negative actions. Below are some golden rules to be a courteous and respectful fisherman.

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